3D Printshow London 2014


We  attended the annual gathering of advanced manufacturing enthusiasts in London and this time they moved it to Bishopgate in the City overlooking the Thames.

Makerbot had newer and bigger FDM printers on view since their merger with Stratsys and Norge were touting their soon to be released SLS printer, however no actual printer was on view. Not to be outdone Italian based Sharebot have also released a cheap SLS printer, aka Snow White and they had one on display. There’s a lot of activity around SLS Technology since the patent expired last January.

MCorr had a big stand and were busy serving free Guinness for anyone interested in looking at their Iris paper printer.

3D Fashion is amazing and the dresses are out of this world.



We came across a Berlin start-up promoting their “giant”  FDM printer called the   Big Rep One.   For  only €60,000 you get a printer capable of printing furniture.   An indication of how much prices are dropping, the Fortus  900  with a similar build spec costs €200,000.