Mcor Technologies Ireland



Mcor was founded by Conor McCormack and his brother in 2009 in Dunleer  Louth.   With a background in the aerospace industry and a stint with Airbus Conor decided to go it alone with Mcor and create a unique 3D printer which uses paper rather than plastic,powder or liquid resin.   In 2012 they released   The Mcor Iris named after the goddess of the rainbow, the Mcor IRIS printed in more than one million hues simultaneously as it created photo-realistic physical   0bjects from 3D data using A4 paper.

In January 2016 Mcor launched the ARKe which is a desktop variant of the Iris.   It brings full color 3D printing to the home, office, or classroom, along with a new type of additive manufacturing that we have not seen in the desktop market thus far.