Ultimaker 2+


The Ultimaker 2 + is a powerful, easy to use reliable machine. The new design is sleek and beautiful, while still remaining incredibly practical.  As well as having a very fast print rate, at 49 decibels it is also one of the quietest 3D printers on the market.  It’s built-in display lets you know exactly what’s going on inside and its large print area allows for your creativity to run wild! The Ultimaker is a great overall printer for all users.  To operate the Ultimaker 2 you don’t need any specific technical knowledge.  Every part has been redesigned to create one of the highest performing 3D printer’s available on the market.  The Ultimaker 2 has been exposed to multiple stress tests and is CE approved making it just as safe as your microwave or television.  Ultimaker have added a heated bed, which smoothens the prints, allows for ABS printing and prevents warping. Stylish looks. Suitable in any interior With its nice design the Ultimaker 2 is suitable in any working or living interior. World class specs. Incredible speed & accuracy possible on any desktop 3D printer.

Ultimaker 2+ is unmatched with its print speed of up to 300mm/s and 0.02mm layer resolution.  Ultimaker 2+ has the smallest footprint and highest build volume among desktop 3D printers. Low cost material. Open filament system:unlike our competitors they have an open filament system, which allows you to choose and swap out any filament type.