How it Works:

In order to enter the world of 3D printing one must first create a CAD file and then save in .stl format.
After you have created and saved your file you can email it to us at

Services we offer:

Not everyone is able to use computer aided design (CAD) so we have a design team who are ready to design and build your prototype. Our designers have an in-depth knowledge of the 3D printers and materials and might be able to assist you with your project.


After we receive your file we run it through a CAD slicing program which calculates the 3D print time and amount of material required and then we can advise you on the cost to have your file 3D printed.

3D Print Size

The maximum height we can print is 210mm L x W x H which is . However if the model is larger than 209mm it is possible to print it in parts and attach together after.

3D Printing

We use the FDM type Up Box and Ultimaker 2 printers.


We use a 2.85mm PLA and ABS, both strong plastics and available in a range of colours.

Prototype and Low Volume Production

Most of our projects are single items but we have also been requested to produce batchs of up to 100 units.


The Minimum Charge is €40 + VAT for a small print.


You can either call into 3D Printing Dublin at 215 Lower Rathmines Road Dublin 6 to collect or we also offer an express delivery service within the Republic of Ireland.